Jailbreak iOS 7 on iPhone 4/4S & iPhone 5

Jailbreak iOS 7 is going to be a real game changer for iOS Jailbreaking community. Apple has been already rumored to kill iOS jailbreak for always with iOS 7 on public launch. Tim Cook has revealed at the D11 conference that next-generation is will be bringing lots of perks for third-party developers, and will allow more customization. Jailbreak iOS 7 is kind of under observation by Apple, because open-version of iOS will allow developers to easily port jailbreak tweaks to iOS.

Jailbreak iOS 7

iOS 7 Jailbreak is already under works by numerous hacker’s team, and individual hackers around iOS community. Jailbreak iOS 7 becomes biggest competition for everyone in the industry, and opened whole new platform for iOS developers to earn big money by seeding their exploits to community. In the past, we have seen people avoid donating money to iOS jailbreak developers which caused big pain in the community, and many developers forced to shut down free version of iOS 7 Jailbreak process.

Jailbreak iOS 7 Release Date:

There are no confirm words from anyone but P0sixninja that he holds some iOS exploits that allow him to Jailbreak iOS 7 on iPhone & iPad devices without any struggle. Furthermore, a group of old-hackers known as Evad3r’s is holding iOS 6.1.2 exploits that will work on upcoming iOS to allow developers to generate Jailbreak iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad devices.

Jailbreak iOS 7 Availability:

The availability of iOS 7 Jailbreak depends on the iOS 7 beta testing time phase, because it is very clear that iOS jailbreak developers will not burn their secret exploits on iOS 7 beta testing. IOS 7 Jailbreak has already gained lots of market interest from all over the world. Majority of hackers are now trying their best to discover jailbreak iOS 7 vulnerabilities for show-time and to earn some extra money from their normal work.

We have contacted with numerous jailbreak hackers to learn more about the status of iOS 7 Jailbreak, and the process of Jailbreak iOS 7 on iPhone. As we all know, iOS 7 beta 1 is only released for iPhone devices at the moment. Hackers are working their best to bring their iOS 7 jailbreak exploits to iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 device.

We keep an eye on iOS 7 Jailbreak developments, and if we found something new about it we will surely update. You can follow us on Twitter & Facebook to get updates on Jailbreak iOS 7.