iOS 7 Betas Download for iPhone / iPad – iOS 7.1 Beta Download

Download iOS 7 Beta – Apple is getting close to the launch of iOS 7 to developers. WWDC 2013 is just few days away, and then Apple will launch the iOS 7 beta to developers. iOS 7 Beta Downloads are the most important part of the iOS 7 development phase. Apple releases latest iOS 7 beta downloads for third-party developers to check it, and test their applications with new environment. –

Update: iOS 7 Download for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Available Here

download ios 7 betas

iOS 7.1 Beta 2 Download Goes Public:

ios 7.1 beta 2 download

Apple has released the iOS 7.1 beta 2 download for developers this morning. The update comes exactly after a month of iOS 7.1 beta 1 release to developers. The latest update fixes numerous prominent issues with iOS 7 interface and let developers to make an ease move in the new iOS 7. You can check out the complete change log of iOS 7.1 beta 2 download here, and as well as download.

Furthermore, the iOS 7.1 beta 2 download reveals Apple is getting ready for iOS in the Car feature release publicly in the starting of 2014.

iOS 7.1 Beta Download Goes Available:

iOS 7.1 Beta 1 Download

Apple has rolled out an update to iOS Dev Center, and launched the iOS 7.1 Beta 1 to developers this morning. The iOS 7.1 Beta 1 download is available now for developers only, but we are going to share the direct download iOS 7.1 beta links here.

iOS 7 Beta Download Your Direct Links To Download iOS 7 Beta

People around the globe looks for iOS 7 beta downloads on the internet. The download procedure of iOS 7 beta downloading is pretty simple but still makes trouble for many. However, let’s cut the thing here, and move towards the Download iOS 7 beta section of our website. We have already ready up the portal to let users download iOS 7 beta for their iPhone and iPad devices. It will allow users to easily download iOS 7 beta 1, and other beta updates on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and other devices.

iOS 7 Beta Launch at WWDC 2013:

As we all know, Apple has released iOS 7 beta 1 to developers at WWDC 2013 Keynote this morning. iOS 7 beta 1 download goes available to developers, and as well as for non-developers. Many people asked us for the iOS 7 beta 1 downloads, and wanted to download iOS 7 beta 1 on their devices. As per countless request, we have organized a portal on our website that allows everyone to keep track on iOS 7 beta downloads and provide all kinds/span> of download links for iOS 7 betas.

For Non Developers iOS 7 Beta Downloads:

Download iOS 7 Beta
How To Download iOS 7 Beta: 1) Sign On your Developer account 2) Download iOS 7 firmware for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch 3) Open iTunes and connect your iDevice via USB cable 4) Select your device from the left navigation pane on iTunes 5) Hold down the Shift (Windows) or Alt /Option (Mac) key and hit the restore button on iTunes 6) Browse and select the downloaded iOS 7 IPSW file. Let the restore process complete.

Download iOS 7 Beta 1 for iPhone (Direct Download Links)

Download iOS 7 beta 1 for iPhone 4 / 4S & iPhone 5: (Non-Developer Links)

Download iOS 7 Beta 1 for iPhone 4
Download iOS 7 Beta 1 for iPhone 4S
Download iOS 7 Beta 1 for iPhone 5

Download iOS 7 Beta 1 Direct Links (Unofficial Links Are Fixed Now!

iPhone 4 (GSM)
iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A)
iPhone< 4S
iPhone 5 (A1428)
iPhone 5 (A1429)

How To Install iOS 7 Beta Update on iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad:

People are so curious to know about the latest iOS features, and user-interface. Apple has already previewed the next-generation iOS 7 to developers. iOS 7 beta download links are already available to developers, but other people with registered UDID’s can also enable the beta iOS version on the device and can enjoy latest iOS 7.

However, before you go ahead with iOS 7 release & iOS 7 beta downloading. You should take multiple backups of your device, because the iOS 7 beta versions are released only to developers and they may not suite your demands. You can follow up with iOS 7 download beta’s here in our Download iOS 7 Beta Portal.

How To Fix iOS 7 Beta 1 Installation Issues:

If you are trying to install iOS 7 beta 1 on your device, and greeted with weird kind of errors or following up with the free guide without “UDID Registration” then you must check out our another guide on how to downgrade, and again install iOS 7 beta 1 on your device. It will allow you to easily downgrade and use your device again without causing any trouble.

Download iOS 7 Beta 2 for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Devices:

iOS 7 Beta Download

Apple has released iOS 7 Beta 2 to developers with iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch support. iOS 7 Beta 2 download links are available for non-developer users, and users with iOS 7 beta 1 installed on their devices can easily use OTA update to download iOS 7 beta 2 on their devices.

iOS 7 Beta 2 Download For iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi (3rd generation)
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (model for ATT)
  • iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (model for Verizon)


A1428 model iPhone 5 is the Canadian and US AT&T network GSM iPhone
A1429 works on GSM iPhone 5 of Asia (including Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore & South Korea), Australia, Germany & the UK.
A1429 works on CDMA iPhone 5 on Sprint and Verizon in the US along with the KDDI network in Japan.
the iPad mini (Wi-Fi Only) is model A1432 the iPad mini (GSM) is model A1454, and the iPad mini (CDMA) is model A1455


Download iOS 7 Beta 3 for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch 

Option 1: Developers can directly download the beta 3 ipsw file in iOS Dev Center. (Note you need to be a registered developer)

Option 2: For those people without a  developer UDID, please download the iOS 7 beta 3 ipsw & dmg files from Mega. The download links posted below.

Please note that Mac users need to install the “Mobile Device Installer Package” for installing iOS 7 Beta Downloads.

Download iOS 7 Beta 3 Update for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

Mobile Device Installer Package – Mirror link


Get iOS 7 Beta 4 Download for iPhone – iPad – iPod Touch:

Apple has rolled out the iOS 7 Beta 4 update to developers with number of improvements and bug fixes. iOS 7 Beta 4 Download service is available at iOS 7 Beta 4 introductory page. You can find out the download links here for iOS 7 Beta 4 Download.

iPhone 5 (Model A1428) {US & CA GSM}

iPhone 5 (Model A1429) {US CDMA & Rest of the world GSM}
iPhone 4S

iPhone 4 (GSM Rev A 8GB)
iPhone 4 (GSM)
iPhone 4 (CDMA)

iPod touch (5th generation)

iPad 4 (Model A1458)

iPad 4 (Model A1459)
iPad 4 (Model A1460)

iPad mini (Model A1432)
iPad mini (Model A1454)
iPad mini (Model A1455)

iPad 3 Wi-Fi
iPad 3 Wi-Fi + GSM
iPad 3 Wi-Fi + CDMA

iPad 2 Wi-Fi (Rev A)
iPad 2 Wi-Fi
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)
iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)

iOS 7 Beta 5 Download for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

Apple released the iOS 7 beta 5 to developers with major fixes over the layout issues on iPad devices. Furthermore, Apple fixed all the compatibility issues that were driving applications non-compatible with latest iOS 7. The update can be downloaded from these download links, and as well as via OTA update.

iPhone 5  GSM A1428  CDMA A1429

iPhone 4S  All Models

iPhone 4   GSM Rev A 8G   GSM   CDMA

iPad 4   Wifi  Wifi + GSM   Wifi + CDMA

iPad Mini   Wifi  Wifi + GSM   Wifi + CDMA

iPad 3   Wifi  Wifi + GSM   Wifi + CDMA

iPad 2   Wifi   Wifi Rev A  Wifi + GSM   Wifi + CDMA

 iOS 7 Beta 6 Download Update – Critical Update for iOS Developers:

Apple disturbed the whole iOS 7 beta seeding schedule with immediate publishing of iOS 7 beta 6 update to developers. Apple seeded this update via OTA update to almost every iOS beta running device. It came with no major changes to the core of iOS 7, but fixed an issue with iTunes Cloud, and iTunes Match services on board.

iOS 7 Gold Master Build Goes Available To for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch:

Apple has released the iOS 7 Gold Master build update to developers, and the iOS 7 GM download is available here on our iOS 7 GM download page. Furthermore, Apple has revealed that iOS 7 download will be released by September 18th.

iOS 7.1 Beta 1 Download Goes Available:

iOS 7 Downloads are available for non-developers, we are updating this section to bring more non-developer iOS 7 Beta Download links.